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A closer look at ElectraStim Jack Socket

Where to Buy the ElectraStim Jack Socket?

Visit the Official ElectraStim UK retailer to buy your Electro-Sex Stroker

This is an official ElectraStim (Cyrex) presentation video on the assembly and disassembly of the ElectraStim Jack Socket. Before disassembling your Jack Socket make sure your stimulator is turned off, loose off the electrastim cable before removing the 2mm pin connections, grip on the insert end of the TPE sleeve and remove carefully, squeezing the gel port caps will release the electrodes which are easily removed from inside the case, the help out caps can also be opened and removed by pulling. To clean your Jack Socket please use a sex toy cleaner and wash in warm soapy water and leave out to air dry. When the parts are all fully dry, you can begin assembling it back together, connect your gel port caps, slide in your electrodes from the entry opening end, when inserting the sleeve, make sure the gel port caps are aligned with the holes in the sleeve, then place on the top and bottom cap and your item is now fully assembled - ready for your next e-stim stroker electro stimulation play time.

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