Can’t keep up with her? Fleshlight STU

Where to Buy this Sex Toy?

The Stamina Training Unit from Fleshlight video. If you have trouble keeping up with her! Imagine you’re at the gym and there’s a sexy AF girl on the treadmill, there’s a free machine right next to her, reckon you can keep up with her? You head on over, checking out her tight, gym-toned physique as you do, step up onto the treadmill and begin working out at a steady pace. She’s fit AF and is soon hitting the speed up button, she want’s a harder and faster workout, thinking you can satisfy her need for speed you try to match her pace. Faster, faster, faster you try to keep up with her, until you hit the button one last time before you realise you just ain’t got the stamina and end up flopping and landing in a mess! If you want to better your performance, last longer and keep up with her, try the Fleshlight STU.

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