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Demo of Shockspot Software for Cam Models

Download Genuine Shockspot Software

Visit the Official Shockspot website to access genuine software and drivers

Watch this genuine Shockspot resources video on how to instal, connect and use your sex machine with the software, select your machines thrusting size, click the 'Scan for SHockspot' button which should initiate some movement which gives you an indication that the machine has completed connection. Now you can set the parameters - max depth, stroke, thrusting speed, smoothness, before selecting 'Run' and the machine will perform as you've set, you can then adjust any of the settings as required to find your desirable fucking, once you're completely comfortable with your chosen setting, select 'Activate remote', which passes control of the machine to anyone you grant access via the remote control. The model can choose to deactivate customer control and take control of the machine. For the model to grant control of the Shockspot to a cam customer all that the customer required is the Shockspot software username and password. This video is designed for adult webcam models who are interested in Shockspot cam shows or models who own the machine, giving a guide on how to use the software for camming.

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  1. Amica 18 December, 2017 at 16:37 Reply

    A highly recommended machine for adult webcam models who are searching for a sex machine compatible with cam sites that will increase your cam shows entertainment value and boost your income immensely by insane amounts! Made webcamming much more fun and rewarding, both sexual and financially!

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