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ElectraRings Metal Scrotal Rings Set

Where to Buy ElectraStim ElectraRings?

Visit an Official ElectraStim UK retailer for metal electro-sex scrotal rings set

ElectraStim ElectraRings electro-sex scrotal rings are a set of three (sizes 52mm, 60mm & 68mm) functional metal scrotum rings for electro stimulation. Connecting to your ElectraStim stimulator via 2mm pin connector leads, use a ring along with an electro cock ring or other uni-polar electro-sex toy or accessory. For better results, more conductive wear and to increase the stimulation intensity, use with electro conductive gel. Wearing a scrotal ring behind the testicles will deliver a deep-feeling intense stimulation to the scrotum region. This official video from genuine ElectraStim is designed for retail purposes and to provided potential customers and those who are interested in electro stimulation with useful product facts.

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