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ElectraStim ElectraBands

Where to Buy ElectraStim ElectraBands?

Visit an Official ElectraStim UK retailer for adjustable fabric cock & scrotal bands

Require information on the facts and features of the ElectraStim ElectraBands before making on a choice to buy these fabric cock rings? Watch this official ElectraStim/Cyrex video and discover important product facts and features: A pack of 2 soft conductive fabric rings which are fully adjustable up to 70mm in diameter. They provide a softer, more comfortable fit than traditional electro stimulation cock rings. Connect to your electro stimulator via 2mm pin leads or 4mm press stud connector cables. Each individual ring is a uni-polar electrode and work together to product cock/ball e-stim. To enhance your experience with improved stimulation, use with ElectraStim's electro-conductive gel. You can wear both bands anywhere along the penis shaft or one around the cock and other around the scrotum behind the testicles or use one at either place alongside a different electro-sex toy. If you require any more information on the ElectraBands fabric cock rings visit the approved ElectraStim shop above to more information and to buy genuine products.

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