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ElectraStim ElectraLoop (Metallic) Electro-sex Scrotal Loop

Where to Buy ElectraStim ElectraLoop?

Visit an Official ElectraStim UK retailer for metallic electro-sex scrotal loop

Watch this official electro stimulation video form the makers of ElectraStim™ (Cyrex), presenting the ElectraLoop large metallic cock/scrotal ring. ElectraLoop metallic is a single ElectraStim electro-sex scrotal loop/cock ring. Its non-stretch metallic form is functional and fully adjustable up to cock/scrotum sizes of 70mm in diameter. Connecting to your stimulator via 2mm connector pin leads, it's a uni-polar attachment and works along size another electrode. Don;t forget to use electro conductive gel for improve electro stimulation conductivity and stimulation and aide lubrication and comfort. Recommend use includes wear around the scrotum, behind the testicles, suitable for cock/ball e-stim. This video provides factual information for retail purposes and will help you discover the product, it's uses, purposes and features and enable you to make an informative decision on wether to buy the ElectraLoop large metallic cock ring. Visit our recommended & approved Electrastim retailer to buy your genuine products.

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