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ElectraStim ElectraRing Range

Where to Buy ElectraStim ElectraRing?

Visit an Official ElectraStim UK retailer for individual solid metal cock & scrotal rings

Thinking of getting yourself or someone you know an ElectraStim ElectraRing and needing more information and advice on which cock or scrotal e-stim you should buy? ElectraStim electro stimulation presents singe solid metal cock rings: These individual solid metal rings for cock and ball e-stim, allow you to find the best fit for your shaft or around your scrotum, provide a functional cock ring effect. There's a range of 5 different sizes from which you can choose: 32mm, 34mm, 46mm, 48mm & 56mm. Connect to your stimulator using uni-polar 2mm pin connection and can be used alongside a second electrode such as another cock ring, penis e-stim toy or other type of electro-sex toy or electrode pads. We advise lubricating rings with ElectraStim electro conductive gel for improved fit and to enhance the electro stimulation sensations. The ElectraRings can be worn around the cock and/or cock & scrotum - sitting behind the testicles, for penis and cock & ball electro stimulation.

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