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ElectraStim Jack Socket

Where to Buy the ElectraStim Jack Socket?

Visit an Official ElectraStim UK retailer to buy your Electro-Sex Stroker

ElectraStim electro stimulation presets the Jack Socket electro stroker. The ElectraStim Electro Stimulation Electro-Sex Stroker 'Jack Socket' comes complete with electro sex stroker case and sleeve plus ElectraStim electro-conductive gel in carton. Comprising of four main parts, the TPE sleeve, stroker case and end caps; The outer casing is made from platinum cured silicone, the inner sleeve feels life-like realistic to touch and during use, the inside of the casing features 2 electrodes proving the electro stimulation to the penis, both dust caps are used for storage and to protect your sleeve and for added hygiene. The case also features 2 gel port caps where the electro connective gel is applied, it is also squeezable allowing you to choose a stroking grip as your desired masturbation pressure to replicate a variety of orifice tightens. The inner sleeve is textured and feels similar to real penetration. A cable tidy stem makes play convenient and keeps the wires out of the way. Easy to dismantle for cleaning and reassemble ready for cock e-stim play.

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  1. Danny B 23 September, 2017 at 12:27 Reply

    I love electro stimulation and using my Fleshlight, so the Electrastim Jack Socket seems to be the perfect sex toy for me, but before I buy I would like to know how it actually feels to use the Jack Socket. Where can I watch a detailed review video of the Jack Socket in use?

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