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ElectraStim Remote Controlled E-Stim (EM48 Rx/Tx)

Where to Buy the ElectraStim The Controller?

Visit an Official ElectraStim UK retailer to buy your remote-controlled electro stimulator kit

'The Controller' ElectraStim EM48 stimulator is ElectraStim's remote-control transmitter and recovered kits for remote-controlled electro stimulation. If you're keen to discover the EM48-E kit that includes every thing required for remote controlled electro sex, watch this official ElectraStim (Cyrex) video for the facts and features behind this electro sex setup for distance controlled e-stim. For single channel stimulation with a range of up to 60M, the EM48 - Tx transmitted sends instructions to the EM48 - Rx receiver which delivers the remote controlled electro stimulation. Choose from 18 levels of e-stim intensity with 7 pre-programmed stimulation patterns, plus 3 specialist 'fetish play' modes and a 'Boss' button that delivers a temporary additional 25% extra electro stimulation power intensity, producing a brief brisk shocking e-stim. A 'Trigger' mode allows you to create your own stimulation patterns and a 'Movement' model that produces electro stimulation from the small movements of the transmitter. The EM48-E pack contains the transmitter (Tx), a receiver (Rx), 4 conductive pad, a leather belt pouch and instructions on using your ElectraStim 'The Controller' electro-sex kit. Plus if you would like to replace individual transmitters or receivers, they are available to buy separately, or use more transmitters and receivers to expand your kit or stimulate multiple people at once. The EM48 'The Controller' Stimulator from ElectraStim video for vital product information, features, users guide and details of what your kit includes and what it is used for.

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