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ElectraStim SensaVox Facts & Features

Where to Buy the ElectraStim SensaVox

Visit an approved ElectraStim retailer to purchase your SensaVox stimulator

Our most powerful and advanced electro-sex stimulator.

Watch the official ElectraStim SensaVox video by Cyrex the manufacturers of ElectraStim products. Want the most powerful electro stimulation sex machine, with more power, more pleasure and more features for electro play? The SensaVox Em140 E-stim stimulator features 99 intensity levels, giving you more control over stimulation strength with greater precision. It's a dual channel system which are truly isolated for safer & purer stimulation. Mains or battery powered, plug in for more power or use with a battery for portability and use where there's no plug. Choose from 9 pre-programmed e-stim patterns, modify the patterns and customise a bespoke stimulation suitable to your personal e-stimming needs. Features a 'Boost' setting that allows invoke a high state of electro stimulation power for temporary 'shocking' type stimming. Use the audio input or built-in microphone to control stimulation, activating in rhythm with sound, your voice and music. Once you have discovered all the factual information provided by the makers of ElectraStim, use the facts and features to decide if this high specification electro-sex machine is suitable for you before deciding to buy from an approved retailer of this popular and reputable, high quality UK electro stimulation products brand name.

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