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ElectraStim Sirius Prostate Massager

Where to Buy ElectraStim Sirius?

Visit an Official ElectraStim UK retailer for Silicone Noir prostate massagers

This official product informational video from Cyrex/ElectraStim presents the Silicone noir Sirius prostate massagers. A 100% platinum-cured silicone electro stimulation prostate massager with quadra-polar e-stim double electrode electro stimulation, targets the male prostate gland and perineum easily using 'Shape and Play Technology' that allows you to adjust the position of your prostate massager for precise P-spot targeting. Experience electro stimulation direct to the prostate and external perineum (the are between his scrotum and anus). You can choose which electrode to electrify or a combination of both, connect 2 outputs to a single electrode to experience either prostate or perineum e-stim, connect a uni-polar lead to each for e-stim in the area between both, or connect all four leads for both electrodes for dual-channel twin electrode stimulations. This video is for those thinking about making a Electrastim Sirius buy and need basic retail information on the products purpose, its use, set-up, configuration and features.

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  1. Cooper 2 January, 2018 at 20:05 Reply

    I have used prostate tools for many years now, the nexus is my favourite standard massager but the sirius is my fav e-stom prostate massager, I use both dependant on mood, nexus for regular use and sirius for special occasions when I crave more stimulation.

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