F-Machine GIGOLO Assembly Guide

Where to Buy this Sex Toy?

A how-to video showing the unboxing and assembly of the F-Machine Gigolo sex machine. In your box you will receive: 2 x curved legs with feet, T-piece with end cap, 5mm Allen key, Tool bag with additional tools, 8 inch toy in presentation box, 2 x bolts for leg assembly, thruster rod, toy adaptor for Vac-u-loc products, remote control and battery, head unit, universal 110/240 volt auto-sensing power unit & UK style kettle lead. To begin the assembly, insert bolts into legs and tighten using 5mm Allen key provided. Slide the head unit of the machine over the T-bar, make sure the motor is facing upwards, once in the desired position, tighten with hand wheel. Loosen the screw that secures the thruster rod by using the 5mm Allen key, insert through the long slot in the guard window. Slide the thruster rod through the hole in the front of the head unit until it’s fully engaged in the slider block. Retighten bolt to secure thrust rod and check again by trying to rotate it by hand, it shouldn’t be possible to move it. Screw the toy adaptor onto the end of the thrust rod. Make sure the power switch on your head unit is set to off and connect the power cable. Turn on the power switch on the head unit, this should illuminate the LED’s inside it. Insert the 5mm Allen key through the guard window, into the key in the centre of the crank arm. Rotate until the crank arm is in line with the window. Undo the crank arm bolt about half a turn to enable thrust rod length adjustment. You can now adjust the stroke on the crank to your desired length, once you have done so retighten the bolt on the crank arm. Undo the hand clamp and slide the head unit up the T-bar to your desire height. Rotate the head unit to your desired thrust angle and then retighten the hand clamp. Remove the cover from remote and insert battery. Slide your toy onto the toy adaptor. You gigolo is now fully assembled and ready to use. You machine should operate just like the demo in this video.

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