F-Machine Gigolo Unboxed

Where to Buy this Sex Toy?

Watch the F-Machine GIGOLO unboxing video. Upon receipt of your purchase, you will find your machine discreetly packaged inside a subtle non-branded box (63x29x30.5cm | 15.4 Kg), inside is the newly designed F-Machine carry case with cut to fit inserts securely storing the complete contents of the Gigolo sex machine, separate the handles of the carry case by opening the velcro wrap, unzip the case to discover the F-Machine Gigolo parts and user manual which contains full assembly guide and instructions. From the foam cut-outs remove the curved feet, the power lead and international adaptor (comes with UK plug as standard), a 5mm Allen key for assembly and adjustment, 2 bolts for assembly, a simple toolkit for assembly and adjustment, the wireless remote control, the main machine body – on the back of which is a hand screw for the adjustment of machine height and tilt angle, the dong in a can, containing an 8” vac-u-loc dildo, lift off the top tier foam to reveal another tier containing the Vac-u-loc quick connector adaptor, the power supply and the T-shaped leg. To begin assembly of the F-Machine Gigolo you’ll need the two curved feet and T-bar leg, using the bolts secure the legs to the T-bar, next slide the main body of the gigolo machine onto the T-bar and secure at the desired height using the hand screw, then insert the f-rod into the front of the machine body, and secure through the safety plastic slot using the 5mm allen key screw, on the end of the rod screw the female end of the quick connect before inserting the male end of the Vac-u-loc adaptor. To begin using first connect your machine to the power supply and switch on the machine by the power button. To adjust the stroke depth, rotate the crank using the allen key until the bolt on the rod aligns with the slot on the viewing guard so that you can access the bolt with the allen key, simply loosen and adjust the stroke to desired length before retightening. The machine is controllable using the wireless controller, in which you will need to insert the battery. Now adjust the height and angle of your machine using the hand screw on the rear of the machine body and tighten to your desired setting. Now you’re ready to play, simply press the centre button on the controller to start the machine, controller the speed using the up & down buttons. The F-Machine Gigolo is available in black and pink graffiti. This video is provided by F-Machine to give a indication on what’s included, how to assemble and setup your machine and user guide. 

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