F-Machine Ground Anchor

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This F-Machine guide video shows how-to fix the F-Machine ground anchor to your fucking machine, in this video in particular, using the F-Machine Gigolo as a demonstration, but the anchor is compatible for the F-Machine Pro 3. Starting with the Gigolo assembly, attach the first leg of your machine to the shorter side of the T-bar. Loosen off the clamp on the back of the anchor, the circular clamp should be freely movable and unobstructed. Slide the anchor over the longer section of the T-bar. Attach the 2nd leg to your machine as normal. Complete the set up of your machine as normal. Position the Anchor so that the base sites flat on your chosen surface, then tighten the clamping bolt. Release the suction clamp, push firmly on the base and reclamp the lever. For better suction and clamping power you may need to slightly wet the cup.

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