F-Machine Pro 2

Where to Buy this Sex Toy?

Watch this F-Machine Pro 2 video, the predecessor to the F-Machine Pro 3 sex machine, the fucking machine of British design that became one of the most popular fuck machines in the UK that was practical for home-use and affordable for mainstream consumers. Constructed from quality CNC machined alloy parts, featuring an industrial spec motor and speed selector dial wired controller, with each machine requiring 115 hours of manufacturing time to reach readiness before it goes through a rigorous testing and inspection quality control process to be approved for sale. Released in 2001 on the UK market, it soon became recognised as one of the best sex machines on the market! In 2013 the F-Machine Pro 2 was revised with improvements; the upgrade saw the addition of an ultra-fast crank adjustment for quick & easy stroke adjusting, the crank was improved with twin-pinch bolts to ensure it does not work loose during usage, the new motor is significantly more powerful, plus smoother movement is achieved with the addition of a new slider block featuring bearings for almost silent motion. The electronics were separated from the main unit which makes the machine much lighter and makes it easier to use, plus for international use there’s a voltage switcher (110/240v). The remote  featured a dial that allows you to select from 0-240RPM speed and a switch for on/off power. A soft start feature means that on power up the mechanism start slowly and smoothly for predictability and additional safety. The thrust rod is also adjustable easily giving control over the reach of the stroke. This machine is designed to work with Doc Johnson Vac-u-loc toys and accessories. in a nutshell the F-Machine II was the best selling sex machine in the UK! But now there’s the F-Machine Pro 3 available, so make sure you check it out and see how much better it has got!


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