F-Machine TREMBLR How to Customise your Receiver, Setup & Use

Where to Buy this Sex Toy?

If you have just purchased your F-Machine Tremblr, just received and ready to setup or even still thinking about getting yourself this machine and curious as to what the TREMBLR custom receiver is all about and want to know how to customise and construct your personal receiver. So, before you start using your Tremblr machine you will need to setup your receiver to that it is personal to you, first off you need to select the sleeve size more suitable to you, there’s three sleeves, a medium, a large and an extra-large, in this demonstration we will be using the large sleeve which is suited to the average sized penis. Been by thoroughly washing your sleeve, then leave to air dry. On the receiver you will find a measurement in inches which relates to your penis size (length), so after finding the length of your penis, measuring from base to tip, then slip the cutting ring guide down the receiver tube to the size that relates to your penis measurement, then use the insulation tape provided to secure your cutting ring in the correct position. Once you have cut your receiver and removed the cutting ring place the provided sandpaper on a flat surface with the abrasive size facing up and sand the cut end of your received tube, including the inner and outer ring, until it’s all smooth. Wash and dry your receiver to ensure it’s free from any cutting debris before drying. Remove the end cap from the top cap, then mix equal parts glue ‘A’ & ‘B’ thoroughly before applying to your end-cap then placing over the cut end of your receiver, cleaning off any excess glue. Leave the glue to set for at least 30 minutes, then check that the receive is airtight by covering the large end of the tube with your palm and use your finger to cover the valve then blow to check for complete seal, if you notice any escape from around the tube and end-cap then mix more glue and apply around the joint to seal. Next feed the sleeve through the receiver tube with the thick end towards the base, then leave a little excess sleeve to allow you to fold back over the end of the receiver. The excess sleeve is to be cut approx 1 inchworm the end of the receiver, the excess should be then folded back over the receiver. Take the top cap and place over the receiver and press until you feel it click into place. Your custom receiver is now complete. Take the silicone tube and remove the protective cover from the valve on the receiver and connect one end of the hose to your receiver and the other to your Tremblr machine. This video then goes on to explain how to setup your Trmeblr and use with your new customised receiver and how to use the machine.

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