F-Machine USB Adaptor Setup

Where to Buy this Sex Toy?

The F-Machine USB adaptor is a universal suction base adaptor allowing you to use suction-cup base dildos and attachments with your F-Machine Pro or Gigolo. To install your USB simply screw the USB base onto the thruster rod end of your sex machine. Use one of the provided bands and roll it onto your toy (down the shaft of the dildo to the base), the band used should provide a tight fit. take another band and loop it through the band you just installed, and another one like this on the opposite side of the toy, using the suction cup base of your toy, secure to the base of the USB attached to your machines thruster rod – press the toy onto the USB base and wrap the 2 securing bands around the securing tabs on the read of the base. Your F-Machine Universal Suction Base adaptor is ready to use.

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