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Hot Octopuss Pulse 3 Solo & Duo

Where to Buy the Hot Octopuss Pulse 3?

Visit the Official Hot Octopuss UK retailer to buy your Pulse III Solo/Duo vibrator

The Pulse 3 by Octopuss is a Guybrator™ - The Solo is a vibrator designed for men, featuring an oscillating plate, it stimulates the penis for pleasure and can be used while the penis is completely flaccid to enjoy the change in state form soft to erect – the scientific PulsePlate™ technology uses oscillating motion and is used in the medical industry to help men with spinal injuries to have children and also for those with erectile dysfunctions. Use the Pulse with or without lubricant to explore 2 completely different experiences, use with lube just like a traditional stroker masturbator or use without and static for a unique non-thrusting path to climax. For couples there's the Duo which just like the Solo offers men all the same great features and benefits, but has an additional vibration panel on the underside to stimulate her clitoris, plus a wireless remote for independent control of this additional stimulator for her. Explore the 6 different vibration patterns and as it's waterproof there's no stopping you getting it wet. Rechargeable via magnetic contact USB charging cable.

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