How-to assemble the Shockspot machine

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Watch this guide video that shows how easy the assembly of the Shockspot sex machine is. To assemble: Simply fix the legs to the main chassis that has the Shockspot machine and that concluded the assembly of the Shockspot machine. Then all you have to do is use the quick-release handles, turning anti-clockwise, to loosen the joints allowing you to choose your desired usage angle before tightening back up. The Shockspot is now ready for you to use. The assembly takes a matter of minutes and is really quick and easy. This video that illustrates the ease should allow you to see how, unlike many of the competition sex machines, the Shockspot is one of the simplest machines to assemble, machine it suitable for anyone.

One thought on “How-to assemble the Shockspot machine

  1. I feel so embarrassed, I lost the instructions for my shockspot and had to google to find this video, it’s so simple I cannot believe I forgot how to build my machine!

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