How-to Use The Cowgirl Sex Machine

Where to Buy this Sex Toy?

Jessica Drake talks you through using this riding-style sex machine, including a video demonstration of a couple using The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine. Are you ready to take the ride of your life? The Cowgirl sex machine is ready to give you an experience like no other you’ve ever had. Introducing this riding style sex machine to show how it can dramatically enhance your sex life. With a powerful stance, sophisticated aesthetics and state-of-the-art technology. It’s a premium product that embodies sexuality, the ride-on style sex machine redefined using high-quality materials and ultimate functionality to deliver you the the most exhilarating experience. Then watch various riders using the machine, straight couples, lesbian couples and solo women. The machine is extremely durable and can accommodate body weights up to 180kgs. The Cowgirl comes with 2 silicone attachments and a set of springs & stems. The Rawhide attachment is textured silicone attachment that’s made for bumping & grinding on the machine, however if you’re looking to blend your orgasm and intensify your experience the Wild West attachment that you can use with a spring or stem to explore 360 degrees of rotating internal pleasure, all yo;ve to choose between is whether you want the form more flexible using the spring or more firm using a plastic stem. One you’re set up and ready to ride, take a hold of the LED remote control or wirelessly using your smart device and the Cowgirl’s dedicate app.

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