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Poundland Nooky "Better than the washing machine"

Poundland Nooky Available In-Store Only!

Nooky is a range of £1 sex toys and sexual products exclusive to Poundland

Dr. Pam Spurr (Sex and behaviour expert) knows that sex toys still have stigma issues with those who buy sex toys: ⅔ of women say they would feel embarrassed to go into a high-street sex shop, men on the other hand, 25% of whom say they would happily make sex toys part of their weekly shop. After Poundland launched their £1 bullet vibrator in October 2016, it turned out to be a huge success for Poundland and their shoppers who saved a massive 90% off the price they would pay in a sex store or online. So Poundland have now decided to launch their new Nooky range, so Dr. Spurr has gone into aPoundland store to ask shoppers what they think of this naughty new range of sexual products. Two lovely women are happy to comment at how they have never seen them before, another customer this time a male has a feel at the Nooky vibrating love ring while it's switched on and comments "Wow! That's a very strong vibration, I would enjoy that myself". Most of the shoppers asked, seem happy at the introduction of such products to Poundland's shelves and are surprised at how they are all only £1. One women is says some customers cannot afford the prices charged at the sex shops, comments on the vibrating love rings and says it's "Better than the washing machine", presuming she is referring to the strength of the vibrations!? A young man asks about the Nooky Joy Ring and Pam explains that it is used to help a man last longer, whilst another man is interested in buying the Finger Fun Stimulator, but would need ten, one for each finger. The confusion of this Poundland video is that the Nooky range has caused some excitement on the high street but will customers of the £1 sex toys enjoy it in the bedroom too?


  1. Bryan 28 September, 2017 at 18:11 Reply

    That housewife sounds like a right horny bitch, you can imagine her juicing her knickers with the twin-tub out washing skiddies out of her mans scruds.

  2. Benny 28 September, 2017 at 18:27 Reply

    It’s about time the well-known ripoff sex shops were given some serious competition, it might stop the monopoly and price-fixing cartel that exist with the big name online stores.

  3. Goldie 5 January, 2018 at 12:50 Reply

    Selling sex toys at Poundland is just wrong, there’s only one thing topping it and that’s the lowlife who buy them from here…. Quality sex life – I think not!

  4. PeeJay 9 February, 2018 at 18:41 Reply

    Oh dear,Goldie….what a sad sex starved prude you are,no sense of fun.Buy yourself a finger stimulator for a quid and have a jolly good diddle!

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