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Shockspot Assembly

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Watch this official Shockspot resource video that shows you how easy it is to construct the sex machine, a matter of a couple of screws and quick release arms to assemble and set-up your Shockspot ready for use. It is so quick and simple to construct, a minimal number of components makes it hassle-free to put-together, assembled in a matter of minutes, there's no need for technical or mechanical knowledge or experience, which makes it a suitable machine for everyone.

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  1. Amica 18 December, 2017 at 16:34 Reply

    The assembly of the shockspot is just as easy as it looks in this video and disassembly means it fits into discreet spaces for storage. I have owned a couple of the most popular fucking machines, none of which are quiet as good as my Shockspot sex machine – I can recommend this product for newbies, advances machine fuckers and even if there are any fellow live adult webcam models seeking a machine to use on cam.

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