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Shockspot Demo

Buy Shockspot Sex Machines in UK

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Watch the genuine Shockspot fucking machine on action, controlled using phone the sex machine thrusts in reaction to the control settings - You can control the Shockspot using software/app on your PC, laptop, smart phone and devices, wireless Bluetooth, give control to a third party over the internet using teledildonics technology. This video resource courtesy of demonstrates control, thrusting speed, stroke depth, smoothness, making this machine one of the most versatile fucking machines that is also compatible for webcam models who wish to give control of their machine to viewers of their webcam shows and increase popularity and productivity, increasing performance quality and earnings, a few months extra income will pay for the machine! This Shockspot video demo/demonstration is suitable for those considering to buy or for adult cam models as a brief guide to what this sex machine can do.

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