Shockspot Machine Demonstration and Review

Where to Buy this Sex Toy?

Shockspot fuck machine unboxing and demo video from ManyVids & OnlyFans porn producer Keri Berry. Watch Keri get the Shockspot unboxed from it’s plain and discreet standard brown cardboard box. See how easy it is to unbox and remove the plastic protective wrapping and begin assembly. An included t-wrench allows simple affixing of the Shockspot’s legs/frame, before the machine can be set to a near-enough desired angle and the vac-u-loc or universal dildo attachment and toy attached. Next up is the software installation and pairing of the machine with your PC/device. Keri starts of the NSFW demonstration by having the machine dildo positioned in between her legs, thighs spread and wearing panties she positions her pussy up against the dong which she lubes up with some spit and a rub before pulling aside the crotch of her knickers and getting her hole worked up with some rubbing and fingering until she’s ready to receive the fuck machine. This porn review of the Shockspot in action shows how enjoyable a machine fucking is, Keri takes the machine in her pussy on her back and then bent over, she really gives this sex machine a good reviewing, as it’s intended to be reviewed, get to watch the Shockspot fucking a woman and bring her to climax with some female ejaculation at the end to prove the machine gives a good fuck, before going on to give a talk of her views and opinions of the machine in her real Shockspot sex machine review video.

2 thoughts on “Shockspot Machine Demonstration and Review

  1. Thank you very much for uploading this shockspot demo vid, I wanted to see what it was really like to use properly and this video allowed me to do just that. As a result I have decided 100% to go ahead and buy a shockspot machine. Thanks 🙂 <3

  2. Great video! Wish more sex you reviewers did real videos like this, you get to see everything, much more practical than the affiliate reviewer talking up the you just to earn some commission!

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