The Cowgirl: Premium Sex Machine by Alicia Sinclair

Where to Buy this Sex Toy?

Sex educator Alicia Sinclair introduces her sex machine, The Cowgirl: Premium Sex Machine and why she decided to design this sex product. Having identified the sex machine in the adult market as a product that was behind the times and needing innovation. Having felt that existing riding-style sex machines were out of date, far from aesthetically pleasing, especially as it’s the mega vibrator, she wanted to strip the design back and develop something that women would want to use. The Cowgirl has an app, it can be controlled remotely, it has really simple things like silicone bumpers, nice inputs and a vertical, instead of horizontal, remote-control, making it feel like a modern day electronic. The Cowgirl allows the user to sit in a riding style position, and in general you can not achieve that type of stimulation through vibration, so sitting in the cowgirl position with powerful vibration underneath provides that type of stimulation, providing intense power that resonates through your body and pretty deeply, achieving full body orgasm. It’s a loud, big vibrator, unlike most vibrators that are created to be discreet and hidden away, The Cowgirl machine is the opposite of that, it takes up space, it’s something you should be loud & proud to have and almost commands an audience, it’s real loud, you should probably do it on a day when they’re mowing the grass!

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