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The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine Instructions

Download The Cowgirl Manual

Download a copy of the genuine The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine manual

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine Manual slideshow video of the user instruction included with your Cowgirl sex machine. Congratulations if you have purchased The Cowgirl or are considering buying this sybian sex machine - Get ready for the ride of your life! This manual should be read thoroughly before use and kept for future reference. Discover all The Cowgirls's parts of the sex machine, attachments and accessories. Before using your Cowgirl sex machine ensure you clean it using a damp cloth with warm water and mild soap that is suitable for use with silicone items, then all components should be completely dry before operating the sex machine. The Cowgirl must only be used with a silicone attachment and never be used without any attachment and always use The Cowgirl on a suitably flat, stable and safe surface. Watch slides on how to put together the components and set up your machine ready for use with its attachments, instructions on how to attach the Rawhide and Wild West attachment. How to connect the cabled remote control and use the functions. Download the dedicated smartphone app and how to pair your device and sex machine and how to get started once you're ready to ride. Maintenance instructions and guides on keeping, cleaning and caring for your machine. Troubleshooting tips and advice for the machine, control and app. Specifications and warranty information and safety statements, cautions and misuse warnings of The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine.

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