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The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine App Demonstration

Where to Buy The Cowgirl Sex Machine?

Are you ready to have a ride on the Cowgirl Premium Riding Sex Machine?

The Cowgirl app - The Cowgirl Sex Machine, the first premium sex machine with interchangeable body-safe silicone attachments, with the capability of controlling with the wired controller or pairing with you smartphone – "Get ready for the future of sexual riding on machines." This video is an exploratory and demonstration of The Cowgirl App downloaded from the app store and installed on Apple iPhone 7, the video was recorded using the screen record feature. Ready to ride? Tutorials: This Cowgirl remote control features an intuitive, easy-to-use interface - Discover how increase and decrease the rotation speed and vibration intensity, either swipe or use the 'change patter' button to explore patterns, lock settings and pause vibration and rotation. To get started, first pair your device with your sex machine: simply plug the cowgirl into a power source, before attempting to pair make sure the wired controller is disconnected, the tap the pair device button on the app. Once paired, explore the app, tap the up and down arrows for rotation and vibration to increase or decrease speed and intensity, explore the vibration patterns, all done with ease while riding The Cowgirl machine or allow someone else to control your machine pleasure via their smartphone.

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