The F-Machine Sex Machine

Where to Buy this Sex Toy?

The beautiful Brandy introduces the original F-Machine fucking machine, the first pro fuck machine from F-Machine, its a coming together of great minds, a little bit of kinkiness, high-tech engineering and some super sexy bling, everything about the F-Machine shouts ‘detail and quality’. Born to make machines more friendly, plenty of clever features that are designed to take you from a gentle play to a full-scale party. The powerful 60 watt motor, featuring a gentle soft-start function, there’s a quick-change crack that makes it so easy and quick to use. Other key F-Machine features include an adaptor that is designed to take Vac-u-loc attachments, from the mild to the wild! There are also adaptors available to attach Fleshlight toys for boys. The main body is constructed from machined alloy, that sturdy and offers stability but not too heavy to move around and use. Adjustable height and angles are permissible by adjusting the legs, then you have to decide the thrust you can handle taking, and always use lubricant on start of fucking with your machine. After setting the speed to zero, switch the machine on and then increase the speed until it’s as hard and fast as you can take! Remember “F” in F-Machine stands for “Fun”.


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