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The New & Improved Lovense Nora

Where to Buy the Lovense Nora?

Visit the Official Lovense UK retailer to buy your Nora bluetooth rabbit vibrator

Discover the improved changes made to the Lovense Nora bluetooth rabbit vibrator in this video. A new version and old Nora are side-by-side for a comparison of the differences, improved based on customers feedback. The main difference being the overall size, the length is shorted and the diameter of the shaft is thinner, making it much more comfortable. The vibrating arm is also shorter and a lot more flexible so that it will fit more body types. The rotating beads inside the shaft are reshaped with a new curved form. The last improvement is that the new version has a lighter overall weight, making it more comfortable to hold and use for an extended period of time. All these changes are improvement based on what Lovense customers have said so the new and improved Lovense Nora is possibly going to be even better than ever before.

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