Tremblr Fruit & Veg Cleanser

Where to Buy this Sex Toy?

Have you ever worried about pesticides or herbicides contaminating the skin of your fruit or vegetables? Well worry no more, the boffins at the fruitmachinelabs in England have come up with the all new Tremblr fruit & veg cleanser. Simply apply some of the patented cleaning fruit to your fruit and veg and slip it into the receiver. Now, adjust the Tremblr to your preferred cleansing speed and watch in amazement as Tremblr goes to work, sucking, massaging & cleansing. Once you’re fully satisfied, remove the fruit or veg and rinse under the tap – it’s really that simple! Tremblr is guaranteed to suck away all residues or your money back. Special offer when you order today of only £599, that’s right! ONLY £599. Go to the link below to get yours today. Total satisfaction guaranteed, Terms & Conditions apply. Fruit and veg sold separately. This video is a parody video showcasing the F-Machine Tremblr  which isn’t a fruit and vegetable cleanser, but really a male masturbation & milking device!

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