Unboxing the F-Machine TREMBLR

Where to Buy this Sex Toy?

Watch the F-Machine Tremblr being unboxed, this guide shows you what’s included in the kit and how to set up the machine. The F-Machine Tremblr is a SUC-N-FUK machine for men, a male masturbator that gives the penis an expert suck blowjob fuck. Delivered in a discreetly subtle non-branded box (61x40x24 cm | 9.3 Kg), once opened you’ll discover the hard shell carry/storage case, inside’s all the parts and pieces you need to assemble this blowjob machine. Unclip the heavy duty fasteners and open the case, first you’ll find the instruction manual and assembly guide information booklet. The kit includes power adaptors fo international use, these work with the standard UK plug adapting to your power supply. Remove the power leads, next there’s the three different sized receivers (medium, large and extra-large), air hose tubing, control is wireless via remote control, accessories include a cleaning brush and 5mm allen key for assembly and adjustment. To setup you need to select the correct size receiver, this is based on your penis size, custom fit receivers are also available from F-Machine, the XL size is suitable for a max penis size of 8”, large for 6.5” max and the medium size for 5” max length. On selection of your size receiver, and after giving it a thorough rinsing, making sure you cover the valve opening with the cap supplied, preventing and water ingress. Next, replace the receiver cap, connect the air hose to the inlet on the size of the Tremblr machine and the other end to your receiver, both connections should be secure and provide an airtight fit, now set your desired stroke length – using the allen key, rotate the crank through the hole in the slot of the viewing guard, rotating until the adjuster bolt is aligned and accessible through the slit, slacken the screw and slide to your desired stroke length, it is recommended that 20mm is a good starting point and working up from there. Ready to power your machine, connect the power lead to the side of your Tremblr, plug into mains power source and switch on the machine, notice the blue light that signifies power is on, now to start, using your remote control, start/stop using the centre button and the up & down keys to increase/decrease speed, the “-“ & “+” buttons are used to increase and decrease the suction. Now you’re ready to experience knee trembling professional blowjobs from your F-Machine TREMBLR!

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