Venus for Men


The Venus for Men official video shows the unboxing and initial setup. If you’re interested in the Venus for Men you will see what you’re going to receive if you buy a Venus for Men and also how quick and simple setup is. The Venus should be received in a discreet and subtle plain cardboard box for your purchase privacy. On receipt and once you’ve opened the box, you’ll discover the Venus for Men instruction manual which includes helpful hints and techniques. Your package will also contain a The Venus, remote control, an airbag, a hose set, cleaning brush, lubricant, your custom receiver, 30” of replacement receiver liner, and an 8 foot power cord, however UK customers should be aware that buying direct from Venus for Men/Sybian, you will not receive a power cord and will have to be purchased separately. Setup of the machine is easy, on the side of the Venus machine you will notice two hose connectors (one for large hose and one for small hose), a connection port for the remote control and socket for the power cord. First you should plug-in the remote control, with the two screws on the remote-control cable facing up connect it to the machine until you feel the plug click, next plug in the power cord, then take the small hose and connect it to the small hose port with the other en of the hose connecting to your air box control, the large air hose connects to the large air port with the other end connecting to your custom receiver. Now you’re ready to get started and using your Venus. The Venus for Men will become more enjoyable with each session and knowledge of using, also make sure you read the Venus manual for helpful hints and tips on technique. This video should have provided a helpful demonstration of the Venus for Men kit, setting it up and also on how to maximise your pleasure.

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