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We-Vibe Bloom

Where to Buy the We-Vibe Bloom?

Visit the Official We-Vibe UK retailer to buy your Bloom vibrating kegel balls

We-Vibe Bloom is a rechargeable vibrating kegel balls exerciser that comes with a set of 3 weights to help you personal train your own pelvic floor to strengthen and improve your muscles and orgasms, helping you to orgasm easier and have much stronger orgasms, they can also help improve bladder control in women who may experience a slight leakage during activities such as during exercise, or when laughing or sneezing. Made from body-safe silicone and is 100% waterproof. There's a range of ten preset vibration patterns and for more features and patterns simply pair your bloom with your smart phone via the We-Connect app and create your own vibes or even share control with a partner or anyone anywhere via the internet/Wi-Fi/3G/LTE, you can even play together with other We-Vibe users and sync your exploration.

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