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What do you get in the ElectraStim Flick & Multi-pack?

Where to Buy the ElectraStim Flick?

Visit an Official ElectraStim UK retailer to buy your Electro-Sex Stimulator

Watch this official Electrastim video and find out what comes included with your stimulator when you buy an ElectraStim Flick EM60-E (EM60-M multi-)pack. ElectraStim™ Electro Stimulation presents The EM60 Flick Stimulation Packs. EM60 Flick electro-sex stimulator is available to buy as a standalone stimulator with adhesive electro-sex pads or a multi-pack that includes electro sex toys and accessories suitable for male and female e-stim, electro cock rings for penis e-stim, the Electrastim Aura that's suitable for vaginal and anal e-stim, adhesive pads, electrode cables, USB charging lead, water-based lubricant, electro-conductive gel and a draw-string storage pouch. These single and multipack options includes everything you need to get started with electrastim electro stimulation, the stimulator is a single channel output electro-sex machine but the attachments that come with EM60-M and those available to buy make this stimulator suitable for men, women or couples. The control unit itself features an LED display, sleek push button controls, a range of 24 levels of electro stimulation intensity, 7 different stimulation patterns, a 'Flick' mode unique to the Flick models that allows you to control the stimulation using movement of the controller. This video is suitable and aimed at those who are interested in buying either of the ElectaStim EM60 Flick stimulation packs, detailing what's included in EM60-E and EM60-M, what the stimulators do and their features and the contents included with each pack to help you decide the most suitable pack for purchase based on your electro-sex needs and requirements.

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