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What to expect from your Electrastim Flick Duo kit

Where to Buy the ElectraStim Flick Duo?

Visit an Official ElectraStim UK retailer to buy your dual-channel electro-sex stimulator

If you're unsure about what the ElectraStim Flick Duo is and would like to know what it does and it's capabilities, in addition to discovering what you will get if you choose to buy an ElectraStim Flick Duo - stimulator stand-alone (EM80-E) or multi-pack (EM80-M). Watch this official ElectraStim Flick Duo video from Cyrex Ltd (ElectraStim manufacturers) and find out more... ElectraStim™ Electro Stimulation presents the EM80 Flick Duo Stimulation Packs: Single and multi-pack options, the Electro-sex stimulator and Multi-pack, 'Flick' enabled Flick Duo. EM80-E comprises of the EM80 stimulator, USB charging cable, electrode attachment cables, 4 square adhesive conductive pads, storage pouch and instruction manual. The EM80-M contains all that the stands-alone stimulator option contains, plus ElectraLoops rubber cock rings, a Silicone Noir Aura electrode that is suitable for both vaginal and anal electro stimulation, plus a tube of ElectraStim conductive gel. The EM80 stimulator itself is USB rechargeable, featuring dual isolated electro stimulation channels which can be programmed independently to provide different intensity levels through each output. The control unit itself is modern and features sleek push-button controls and LED display. There's a range of 25 intensity levels to explore, 8 different stimulation patterns, 4 'Flick' modes that create unique stimulation patters in rhythm with your movements. So if you think the Electrastim Flick Duo is the electro stimulation electrosex machine for you, buy genuine ElectraStim from an approved retailer.

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